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Haben Gefühle eine Geschichte?

Aporien einer History of emotions

Haben Gefühle eine Geschichte?
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The present study takes a critical look at the current research in the field of historical emotion studies. The various forms of epistemic interest and the potential insights provided by several cultural disciplines (e.g. history, sociology, philosophy, philology) constitute the starting point for the exploration of the methodical and theoretical aporias, in particular those of historical emotion studies. These aporias are explored, on the one hand, with the help of recent monographs and research reports and, on the other, by means of a discussion of fundamental guiding questions. As a consequence, we see a need for a re-evaluation of the theoretical implications of semiotics in connection with the theories of emotion. Furthermore, the relationship between the history of emotions and other histories (e.g. social history, history of body, language, gender and mentalité) is investigated. This raises the question of whether a revision of the traditional periodisation of Western history will be required.
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