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Jesus Christus im Neuen Testament

Jesus Christus im Neuen Testament
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Who is Jesus Christ? This question has long been the subject of great discussion. Even the New Testament presents more questions than it does answers. How God acts in and through Jesus put the early Christians on a path that tested them and caused them to deal with a number of major themes. This story - inasmuch as it has been preserved - begins with Easter: The resurrection causes us to pause and to rethink: The death of Jesus needs some sort of explanation. The earthly life of Jesus puts him in a special relationship with God and makes great demands on the congregation of his followers. Everything is for the good of mankind. Redemptive (soteriological) and personal Christology are thus completely intertwined.This volume, the first comprehensive look at this issue in German since Cullmann (1957), makes the attempt to trace this development. The resurrection and death of Christ as well as his earthly mission determine its structure. The Christological predicates come to life in this context.The discussions surrounding the earthly life of Jesus, which have been such a major theme of our time, enrich the discussion of the life of Christ. The core themes of the authors and the books of the New Testament are presented such that one need not read this volume in any order. The links to noncanonical and postcanonical literature are also illuminated, and the newest sources are considered in depth. Also contained are introductions to the state of the art and the wealth of existing thoughts on this subject. They shape the character of this study and serve as a bridge to modern theology.
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Bestellnummer: 2004921

ISBN: 9783525513804

Verlag/Hersteller: Vandenhoeck + Ruprecht

Autor: Martin Karrer

HC/Religion/Theologie/Biografien, 380 Seiten, Sprache: Deutsch, 242 x 165 x 23mm

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