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Moholy Album

Changing Perspectives on the Roadmaps of Modern Photography, 1925-1937

Moholy Album
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  • 9783958291072


It is largely thanks to László Moholy-Nagy's artistic and journalistic efforts that photography became an integral part of modern artistic creation, starting in the 1920s. His photograms are icons of the medium, and yet his photographic oeuvre has never been comprehensively published. For the first time, Moholy-Nagy's daughter Hattula has now granted full access to her father's photographic archive and made the material available for publication.
The album at hand presents contact sheets that Moholy-Nagy made on the go between Amsterdam, London and Chicago. With more than 1,000 photographs and illustrations, this book provides a comprehensive overview of Moholy-Nagy's photographic prolificacy from its peak in the mid to late 1920s until the artist's immigration to the US in 1937. Based on recent archival findings, the book brings together diverse aspects of his work and is a thorough reassessment of Moholy-Nagy the photographer.
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Bestellnummer: 9783958291072

Verlag/Hersteller: Steidl GmbH & Co.OHG

Autor: László Moholy-Nagy

HC/Fotografie, 352 Seiten, Sprache: Deutsch, 322 x 258 x 32mm

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