Ein Unternehmen der Kirche.

Nanne Meyer

Meyers Handbuch über das Weltall

Nanne Meyer
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  • 9783775751643


Nanne Meyer's new works revolve around nothing less than the universe. Guided by the question, "where am I (in the world)?", she encircles our planet in her drawings. The works address transformation, processes of becoming and disappearing, necessity and chance, vulnerability, uncertainty, and the limits of understanding. With titles such as Lumps and Globes, Free Fall, Quantum Foam, Plate Rotation, or Not Yet More, the artist provides insight into different groups of works and unfolds an aesthetic of wonder and ambiguity. Meyer draws with pencil, wax and oil crayon, ballpoint pen, acrylic and ink, pastel, gouache and emulsion paint. In this book, she shows the full range of what drawing can do. NANNE MEYER (*1953) has received numerous grants and awards, including the Villa Massimo Prize, Rome, and the Hannah Höch Prize, Berlin. From 1994 to 2016 she taught at the Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weißensee. She lives in Berlin.
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Bestellnummer: 9783775751643

Verlag/Hersteller: Hatje Cantz Verlag GmbH

HC/Kunst/Sonstiges, 96 Seiten, Sprache: Deutsch, 280 x 210mm

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