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Nietzsches Kunst des Überschreitens: eine Provokation

Nietzsches Kunst des Überschreitens: eine Provokation
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In the recent debate on Nietzsche's philosophy, attention has increasingly focused on the arts. For Nietzsche, who saw the arts as a decisive motive in life, it also allows humans to liberate themselves from anxieties, pressures and constraints. He celebrates the arts - especially music - as a force that "gives them wings" and allows them to free themselves of the "spirit of gravity". Throughout the volume, the author particularly contrasts the views of Hegel with statements by Nietzsche. Hegel, who, like Nietzsche - though to a smaller extent - uses metaphors in his philosophical reflections and as a means of expression, chose to work his way through a concept in a strictly logical process, while Nietzsche made a variety of attempts using literary creativity to go beyond the purely conceptual level. In this way, Nietzsche contributes to a broadening of the philosophical field, opening up alternative approaches to philosophical questions.
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Bestellnummer: 2051241

ISBN: 9783847101727

Verlag/Hersteller: V & R Unipress GmbH

Autor: Günter Gersting

HC/Philosophie/Populäre Darstellungen, 188 Seiten, Sprache: Deutsch, 246 x 166 x 20mm

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