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Panajotis Kondylis und die Metamorphosen der Gesellschaft

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Panajotis Kondylis und die Metamorphosen der Gesellschaft
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»Panajotis Kondylis and the Transformations of Society. Nothing can be done without Power« The contributions in this volume are intended to facilitate access to the extensive work of the philosophical and social historian Panajotis Kondylis (1943-1998). The aim is, on the one hand, to expound two of his works on the history of ideas and their reception and, on the other hand, to demonstrate the scope of his anthropology, which understands man as a social being. Kondylis' theory provides a model for explaining events and processes in the history of ideas, and it also conveys insights into epistemology. As a descriptive model, it provides a basis for the making of social theory and paves the way to a non-ideological assessment of modern social theories. One of the advantages of the model is that it combines the positions of prominent theoreticians who inspired Kondylis with the positions of others, mentioned in this volume to form a coherent whole.
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