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The Return of the Lion Man

History - Myth - Magic

The Return of the Lion Man
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The Lion Man is counted among the most significant discoveries in prehistoric archeology. The statuette - made from mammoth ivory from the Lone Valley near Ulm - is the largest known sculpture of Ice Age art. At nearly 40,000 years old, it is one of the oldest pieces of figurative art made by mankind.

New excavations in the Stadel cave led archeologists to the surprising re-discovery of the original finding place of the statuette from the 1939 excavation- They were also able to retrieve numerous additional fragments from the figure. As a result, it was possible to further reassemble the Lion Man in the course of a complex restoration project.

The project culminated in a special exhibition at the Ulmer Museum, which focuses on the Paleolithic statuette. This present companion volume also serves as the most current and comprehensive guide to Ice Age art and culture of the Swabian Jura.
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